from 18 years
14-17,99 years
4-13 years
3-hour ticket 280 250 200
14.00-16.00 150 140 100
1 day 400 360 280
 Main season
from 25.12.2016 to 5.3.2017
Secondary season
to 24.12.2016, from 6.3.2017
from 18 years
14-17,99 years
6-13,99 years
from 18 years
14-17,99 years
6-13,99 years
2 days 1150 920 810 980 780 690
3 days 1650 1350 1150 1400 1150 980
4 of 7 days 2150 1750 1500 1830 1490 1280
5 of 7 days 2700 2150 1850 2300 1850 1580
6 of 7 days 3100 2450 2150 2600 2090 1830
Validity 1 season
30 points 100
60 points 180
120 points 320
300 points 720
from 18 years
14-17,99 years
4-13 years
B1 VL1000 16 45 45 30
B2 H210 16 45 45 30
B3 VL500 11 35 35 20


  • Tickets are automatically sold to chip cards that are issued against a deposit of 50 CZK.
  • Ski lift no. B3(H210) transports only children older than 10 years of age (STUDENOV).
  • All tickets are non-transferable. It is forbidden to resell or lend the purchased ticket to another person. Selling and checking systems are monitored by cameras and the holder of a resold or lent ticket faces the risk of blocking of the ticket.
  • Do not expose the ticket to extreme heat, magnetic field or a mobile phone, do not damage the ticket mechanically or bend it!
  • A refund for unusable transportation is available in the condition that the transportation capacity of the ski area (ski-lifts) decreases by more than 50 % for 1.5 hours or longer. No refund or replacement is available for lost or stolen lift passes!
  • By purchasing a ski-lift ticket/pass and thus using the right of transportation, you as a passenger are commited to respect the terms and conditions of transportation, to respect the instructions for travellers, and to abide by the instructions of the ski-lift area operators and also to obey instructions expressed by signs (pictograms) in and around the ski area.
  • When not complying to the terms and conditions of transportation and/or when not respecting instructions for travellers on ski slopes, especially when cutting in line or skiing out of the designated ski areas, the ski-lift operator reserves the right to expell such a traveller from transportation!
  • It is forbidden to enter the ski slopes after 16:00. The slopes are being regularly maintained by snow groomer with cable coiling device – danger of fatal accident!!!

Hours of operation

  • The start of operation on all ski-lifts is 8:00 am, except for the chair-lift to Lysá Hora A5, which starts operation at 8:30 am.
  • The end of operation on all ski-lifts is at 4:00pm with the exception of the chair-lift to Lysá Hora A5 which ends operation up till 17th January 2014 in operation till 15:30.

Point tickets

  • Point tickets are sold according to the price list or in variable values in the range from 60 to 600 points.
  • The skier monitors the remaining point value on his/her point ticket when passing through the electronic gate.
  • The remaining points which are insufficient for another ride are automatically added to the next point ticket which may be purchased in specified areas. If no other points are added to the point ticket, the electronic gate will not allow the skier to pass through.
  • The point values on the point tickets are valid for one ski season only and will expire thereafter.

Price discounts

  • Seniors over 65 years – 15 %, youth – 10 %, children – 35 %.
  • School training courses with more than 15 persons – 15 % discount, in period from 2nd to 17th January 2014, after 17th March – 30 % discount. 30 % discount only applies to season tickets in one day (it can be purchased only after submitting a filled form downloadable at www.skiareal-rokytnice.cz).
  • Travellers who are accomodated with members of association for the RCR, upon presenting their „benefit card“ – 15 % discount will be provided (only available for point cards and multi-day tickets!
  • Discounts cannot be combined!

Ski-lift passes for children

  • Children from 4 to 13 years.
  • Children under 4 years of age accompanied by a person older than 15 years of age travel free of charge. However, if the child travels on the transport facility independently, it must have a valid ticket.
  • Youth from 14 to 17 years. Upon request, the youth prove relevant document.


  • U koupaliště – free of charge day parking
  • Central – paid parking (single day, several day parking)
  • suzuki s cross 2017